Atomic American Bulldogs

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We thank you for your interest in our American Bulldogs and hope that the following will provide you with some background information on this incredible breed.

Atomic American Bulldogs Atomic American Bulldogs was located in NYC since we started our American Bulldogs breeding program in 1996. In April of 2005, we relocated to Upstate NY in the town of Meredith. Upstate NY provides a much better environment for us and our dogs. Our kennel is located on 22 acres of land, 2 miles off RT 28. Meredith is a small farming community in the Catskill region of Upstate NY. Its about 3½ hours North of NYC.

Known as the English White, Southern White, Georgia Giant and American Pit Bulldog in years past, now commonly known as the American Bulldog, or what would be more relevant to what we have here at Atomic, the Johnson American Bulldog. The Johnson American Bulldog is a massive, powerful breed. Males range between 23 - 28 inches tall and 90 - 150 pounds. Females range between 20 - 26 inches tall and 70 - 130 pounds. Considering their size, this breed is surprisingly very athletic. Their coat is thin and short. The color of the coat varies from solid white, to white with random markings, to mostly colored with white markings. The most common color of the markings is brindle which can be in many shades, from light brown to black, and anything in between. These colored markings can also be solid. The only pure solid coat color (without any markings) should be white. There is no way to plan the color or size of puppies before they're born. The color and size can vary greatly, even with puppies in the same litter. This is true because the American Bulldog was never bred for size or color. The American Bulldog is a very intelligent breed that I have found easy to train. Their temperament is stable. The breed, as a whole is very well put together, with a massive solid frame, ripping with muscle from nose to tail!!!

Atomic American Bulldogs

The history of the Johnson American Bulldog is a controversial issue, unaided by the many twists & turns of truth from various misguided individuals. In saying this, my position is firm that the Johnson American Bulldogs are the true descendants of the old time Bulldog that lived in England as far back as 600 - 700 years ago. Various drawing and lithographs of Bulldogs from the 1600 - 1700's depict a large muscled bodied, straight long legged and tailed Bulldog with a square head and an undershot jaw. The only difference that can be detected from these drawing is a thicker and slightly longer coat that the old time Bulldogs had, which is expected due to the difference in climate between England and the Southeastern United States. When looking at these drawings there is no doubt that the Bulldogs depicted, and the present day Johnson American Bulldogs are very similar, or even one in the same. Writings from even earlier times about the old time Bulldogs of England also do a good job in describing the Johnson American Bulldog. This is the Bulldog that was used in the development of many other breeds of dog, such as the American Pit-Bull Terrier, the Boxer & the Bull Mastiff to name a few.

The history of the Bulldogs back in England is quite interesting. Mainly they were gladiators of cruel blood sports. The sport of Bullbaiting was the favorite of many, thus the name Bulldog. They were also pitted against themselves and sadly, watching two Bulldogs fighting to the death was a main source of entertainment in that time in history... As you can imagine only the strongest, fastest, most fit Bulldogs would survive. Breedings between such animals would produce pups of high demand. Centuries of breeding in this fashion produced a dog of unequaled and strength and gameness. Although it is true that such cruel keeping of of those dogs is sad to think about, it is what made many modern breeds what they are today. As dog fighting and bullbaiting thankfully became outlawed in England the popularity of the original Bulldog decreased to the point of now being extinct in England. As a side note, the modern day, bred down, broken down, and deformed AKC "English Bulldog" is a far cry from the old time Bulldogs of England.

The true Bulldog was saved from extinction by English settlers who brought them to the United States and utilized them as working farm dogs in the Southeastern states. The jobs of these dogs were demanding, they protected live stock from man or beast, they would drive live stock and when necessary catch a stray. It was also their job to let anything living know that they would make certain of their masters well being. During the end of World War II the numbers of these dogs were quickly diminishing and facing another brush with extinction. If not for the efforts of Mr. John D. Johnson and his family, this GREAT breed may have well have become permanently extinct. Until recently the American Bulldog went virtually unknown and is still considered rare, although substantial gain in its popularity is inevitable due to its incredible traits.

Atomic American Bulldogs

The protection instincts of the American Bulldog have been instilled in them for hundreds of years, making them natural protectors. As guard dogs they are the best on the planet, and dominate in this field, this is known world-wide. The Johnson American Bulldog is a criminals worst nightmare. If you are ever faced with danger, they will literally fight to their death on your behalf. When they are challenged in this fashion, they possess a level of ferocity, and a willingness to conquer that is legendary. This breed will bond very tightly towards you and your family with strong devotion and loyalty. This starts at a very young age, and I believe this has a lot to do with why they take their protection of their family and property so very seriously.

Because of the incredible power of this breed we strongly recommend that you have your puppy obedience trained at an early age by a professional trainer. Take the time before your puppy arrives to find a highly recommended trainer with good standing in your community. Although this may be quite expensive, it's well worth it, and does a world of good for the dog. We strongly advise against protection or attack training this breed of dog unless you are positive the training is done by a competent trainer who has experience working with Bull breeds. You have to remember that Johnson American Bulldogs are born with protection instincts that were instilled in them for hundreds of years that work quite adequately and are more than enough for protecting you, your family and property. An American Bulldog from good stock (if worth its salt) will protect naturally, no attack training necessary! In saying this, please, any type of aggressive behavior should not be encouraged.

We believe that the best American Bulldogs in the world are without any question from pure Johnson Bloodlines. When someone sees one, there will be no mistaking at what they are looking at! Small or large the Johnson American Bulldog possess true American Bulldog traits! We are dedicated in preserving the Johnson Bloodline in its original state. We will breed only pure Johnson lines to the standard that Mr. Johnson established with Alan Scott in 1972. Our breeding program is small but we produce high quality American Bulldogs down from some of the most Legendary American Bulldogs to ever walk the Earth like, the Incredible Mean Machine, Mean Machine, Red Machine, Aristocrat, Machine Brutis, Bo Donald(Big Buck), Elrod and all females descending from Collette, Sugar Tuffie, Sugar Doll and Rose. The specimens we breed are physically and mentally sound, possess high drives, and are extremely athletic. In turn, they're offspring that we produce will also be bred to possess their parents traits.

Puppies cost $1,500.00 + shipping (if necessary). A $500.00 deposit is required in order to hold a pick in your name. With certain breedings we do, the male pups will be sold with 2 stud services back to Atomic American Bulldogs.

Without exception, all our breeding stock will always be Penn-HIP certified (better then the breeds median + NO DJD) or OFA certified ("EXCELLENT" or "GOOD"), and DNA profiled. Pups are sold on a first come first serve basis with no extra cost for first pick male or female. All pups will be thoroughly socialized from day one, and registered by the Animal Research Foundation (ARF). We guarantee all our dogs from genetic defects with a replacement pup from any of our next planned breedings (buyers choice). We guarantee that the hips of the dogs we produce will be free of DJD, score at, or better better then the Penn-HIP median, and/or pass OFA evaluation. Our guarantee is for 2 years, however, this guarantee is VOID if the dog under this contract produces offspring before its 2 years of age.